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We invented the discount store back in 1879, played a key role in shaping the retail industry and are now the fastest-growing department store chain in Germany. For over 140 years, we have been offering a wide variety of products at affordable prices. We are the neighbourhood department store close to our customers - fast and easy to reach, diverse and useful in our assortment. We provide everyday essentials at a fair price, focusing on the actual needs of our customers.

Our goal: Woolworth

across Europe.

Instead of opulent flagship stores, we concentrate our new store opening strategy on customer proximity. We bring Woolworth to the people and open stores in city centers and district centers as well as in shopping centers and retail parks. Woolworth focuses on the personal contact through local stores rather than engaging in anonymous e-commerce. People love to shop, which is why we offer them the opportunity to do so as close to home as possible. By being in the direct vicinity of food retailers and specialist stores, we ensure that people can get everything they need with one purchase. Woolworth's is a prime location when it comes to everyday essentials.

We want to prove this in the future with over 5000 stores across Europe.

Find whatever you need!

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More than 100 new stores

per year in Germany.

There are already more than 700 and the number is growing! With this rate of expansion, we are now the fastest-growing retail chain in Germany and also aim to expand into Europe. While other retailers are closing stores and laying off employees, we are in a strong position to do the opposite: Growing, creating new jobs, maintaining the diversity of our range and securing existing jobs.

Areas with a minimum population of 20,000

are our preferred locations.

This size guarantees a balanced, broad and discount-orientated customer base. They benefit from the shopping opportunities that we create close to their homes.If the customer demand allows, it is possible to open another location in the same city. Our store network lists numerous cities in which we operate several stores, thus serving the local supply even better.

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About 10,000 articles

are part of our product range.

These include clothing for the entire family, household goods, decorative items, shoes and leather goods, drugstore and cosmetic products, stationery and toys, home textiles as well as snacks and refreshments. Our diverse range is supplemented by up to 2,000 seasonal and promotional items. Our entire product variety is not only inspiring, but also affordable.

More than 6,000 articles under €3

are waiting for you.

We know quality does not have to be expensive. For this reason, we consciously offer our customers goods at discount prices. In times of general price increases, we want to set an example: Woolworth provides security - the security that we always offer high-quality products at fair and favourable prices.

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90 per cent of our articles

are own brands.

Instead of fancy labels, you will discover mostly budget-friendly products with us that do not compromise on quality. Our own brands enable us to meticulously develop products from the initial design concept to the finished product, ensuring that quality and price are perfectly balanced. The desires and expectations of our customers guide this creative process.

Over 10,000 employees

are currently employed in our stores in Germany, Poland and Austria. In addition, there are hundreds of jobs at the respective company headquarters and in central logistics in Unna. Whatever the position, diversity and talent are most important to us. We enable people - regardless of their origin, skin colour, religion, education, sexual orientation, gender identity and age - to work honestly and with a focus on individual development.

Work with us

Over 200 trainees

start their career at Woolworth every year.

We support our young professionals from day one because we see our trainees as the leaders of tomorrow. Our aim is to train as many "home-grown" talents as possible for larger responsibilities in the future. The basis for this is training and further education in 14 different professions.

Whether you have a secondary school leaving certificate, intermediate school leaving certificate or A-levels - at Woolworth's, everyone will find the right training path.


Woolworth is committed to socially responsible behaviour, which we believe is the foundation for healthy economic growth. We also want to give something back to the people who contribute to our success, as we also consider this to be part of our responsibility.

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