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Woolworth is committed to acting in a socially responsible manner, which we believe is the foundation for healthy economic growth. We also want to give something back to the people who contribute to our success, because we see that as part of our responsibility too.

Corporate environmental protection

Online brochure

Since May 2022, we have dispensed with printed advertising brochures. Our offers are presented exclusively in our online brochures and in the kaufDA and MeinProspekt apps. Our customers will continue to receive a summary of all offers in our regular newsletter.

The switch to digital brochures enables us to respond flexibly and at short notice to delivery problems with individual offers and to guarantee that the contents of the brochures are up to date. In addition, the cost savings are enormous - at the latest since the sharp rise in raw material prices.

However, the focus of this measure is on the sustainability aspect: since 2010, we have printed around 1.5 billion advertising brochures. In the future, we will dispense with the annual use of well over 2,000 tons of paper, thus saving valuable resources.

Sustainable shopping bags

A carrier bag made of conventional plastic is used for an average of 30 minutes, but takes up to 500 years before it has even partially decomposed. That means an immense burden on the environment! That is why we focus on the use of sustainable carrier bags. We are guided by a draft law of the European Parliament, which aims to reduce the consumption of plastic bags in the European Union.

You can carry your purchases home in environmentally friendly and reusable cotton and PET bags. The latter are made of both old and new polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and are particularly tear-resistant and waterproof.

Through the emission savings, Climateline supports various climate protection projects and allocates them to the cooperation partners. Woolworth supports the European Climate Corridors project, which aims to link habitats across Europe and over large areas. The project focuses on halting the loss of biodiversity in Europe in the face of climate change. 

For more information on Climateline and the climate protection projects, please visit


In addition, we have climate-neutral paper carrier bags manufactured in Germany. Climate-neutral production means that emissions that cannot be avoided are offset by saving emissions of the same amount elsewhere.

The paper carrier bags are marked with the recognized Climateline logo. Through the ID number in each logo, a transparent documentation is given and the information of the CO2 offset can be accessed directly on the homepage of Climateline.


Sustainable new building

In 2020, Woolworth built a future-oriented corporate headquarters with an adjacent logistics complex in Unna, Westphalia, thus laying the foundation for a continued successful future. In the new building, we are relying on innovative heating and cooling technology. Thanks to the use of a combined heat and power plant, the use of resources is optimized with the highest possible efficiency. Part of the energy generated during the heating process is converted into electrical power and fed directly into the internal power supply. A so-called building core activation system ensures a natural and balanced indoor climate at all times of the year. In this process, a water flow in the ceilings regulates a large part of the room temperature. In addition, a blind system with automated solar control prevents strong temperature fluctuations caused by direct sunlight. The lighting in our premises is also designed to be sustainable: LED spotlights and luminaires are installed throughout the building, most of which are equipped with motion sensors.

With all these measures, Woolworth is increasing the energy efficiency of the new headquarters and contributing to a climate-friendly use of resources.

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We Save Resources

Our WE SAVE RESOURCES label signals resource-saving and sustainable production.

What do we do?

We are committed to resource-conserving production of a wide range of goods. In doing so, we pay attention to recyclable products and the reduction of packaging material. These are components that burden the environment and are not absolutely necessary for economic success. We consider it our responsibility to live in harmony with nature and to respect it. Our labels certify our responsible use of natural resources. 


We consider it part of our ecological responsibility to use valuable resources sustainably. With our commitment, we want to protect the environment and thus create good conditions for future generations. We want to operate in a future-oriented manner without creating disadvantages for our customers or the environment.

How do we do it?

We rely on sustainable and recycled material, which can be used for bags and shopping bags, for example. A carrier bag made of conventional plastic is used for an average of 30 minutes, but takes up to 500 years before it is even partially decomposed. This means an immense burden on the environment! 

This burden can be very conveniently counteracted by paper bags and carrier bags made of recycled material - and there are no disadvantages for the clientele.

What is our goal?

Our goal is a responsible approach to our environment.
We are committed to preserving natural resources to ensure their continued existence.

The goal is to reduce the ecological footprint to a minimum in order to cause as little harm to the environment as possible. 

It is our responsibility to take the first step.

How to identify our sustainable products?

The products are marked with the "WE SAVE RESOURCES" or "WE SAVE WASTE" seals. Basically, the symbols are attached as labels to the garments or printed on the packaging.

Other sustainability labels

In our assortment you will find other seals that certify an environmentally friendly or resource-saving production. Here we show you some examples:

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